Our Journey So Far...

Opera is extraordinary. It is a unique combination of beautiful music, powerful stories, thrilling highs, crushing lows and at the heart of the art-form lies community and collaboration. 

Manchester Opera Ensemble was founded initially in 2015 by tenor Timothy Langston as a group to provide opera singers, musicians and producers at the beginning of their careers the opportunity to produce and perform Opera to a high standard and to promote the art-form to new audiences and ensure that opera had a notice presence in the arts culture of Manchester.

To date, the company have produced and performed six opera productions in and around Greater Manchester, collaborating with over 35 local artists and a number of community focussed organisations. An ongoing commitment to innovation and experimentation has encouraged to create art that engages with contemporary society and has seen us looking outside of the world of opera for collaborative influences with organisations including the Women's Equality Party and Women's Aid. 


We have been very fortunate during our time so far to receive overwhelming support from the local community in Manchester on an individual basis and also through the acts of organisations who have provided us with vital resources that have made it possible to mount our productions. This has been an incredible experience so far, and has provided us with a rich outlook upon the industry, as well as an appreciation of the generosity of Manchester as a city.


Recently, changes in circumstances for our team have resulted in our taking a brief hiatus to reflect upon how we can best serve our main priorities as an organisation:  to support new talent at the beginning of their careers, to share opera with new audiences and to engage with the local community. We are very excited to be preparing to relaunch the Manchester Opera Ensemble and to reposition our organisation within the North-West Arts Scene in a way that we believe will not only best serve our artists, but also the main arts organisations with the region.


To find out more, check our our next page 'New Beginnings and the Road Ahead'

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