New Beginnings and the Road Ahead

Our experiences producing opera have taught us a lot. Most prominently, we have seen the passion that exists within the performing community in Manchester, fed by the fantastic training institutions in the City and we have seen how this is met by enthusiasm from audience members when they experience the power of an operatic voice up close and personal.

There have however been challenges, and we come to the decision that opera productions are not our most powerful tool for inspiring and meeting new audiences and potential opera lovers. We have experienced the incredible power of educational workshops and outreach projects, which in turn can provide the talented musicians in our local area with nourishing and rewarding professional work. It is this work that we will be focussing on moving forwards with our venture.

We are currently preparing the launch of these new operations, and are excited to share our plans for the new aspects of our work moving forwards:

- Development of a comprehensive outreach programme to engage with schools, colleges, libraries and community groups.

- Provide valuable art resources to those less well off in society

- Develop relationships with other arts organisations and form partnerships to support their work and direct people to performances in the area through our 'What's On' page.

- Create resources for singers to access advice from industry professionals regarding auditions, how to manage a freelance career and other helpful information.

- Plan concert performances to share opera with the community

- Provide training workshops for young professionals to enhance experience and career opportunities.

if you're interested to find out about developments as they unfurl, do follow us on twitter, facebook or instagram or you can visit our website. we can't wait to share more with you.


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